Sash Colors

The graduation sash is usually considered as a sign of achievement when worn during your graduation ceremony. Often, this clothing addition implies how much work you have put in your stay in a learning institution.  These are often symbolic of your personal and academic development. In this article, you will learn more about the shades that are typically utilized in graduation stoles. Along with this pieces of knowledge are the meanings behind those shades when used in academic stoles.

Graduation stoles that are used for the members of the academic societies are usually worn over all of the other graduation regalia.

An example is a national honor society for the dentistry majors. This organization has approved the use of academic sashes with the colors of the organization. In this case, the graduation stole used is mainly navy blue. The lining is in a shade of lilac, and the embroidery should be gold in color. This combination is considered as the color for the entire field of study of dentistry majors.

graduation stoleGenerally, the colors that you can find on the academic stole highly complements the chosen field of study of the student concerned. All of the affiliations that he or she will be involved in have their own choice of colors for their graduation sash. For the college under the field of arts and sciences, crimson is typically considered as the main color. In some instances, architecture is represented by the color blue violet. However, this may not apply to all cases.

During the early times, a university mandated that all of the licentiates, bachelors, and doctors should wear gown and stoles.  It was during the late 1800s that colors were assigned to each profession to help signify specific areas of study. This is also in accordance with the fabric, style, and cut of the gown that they wear during graduation. However, this is not applied in every learning institution across numerous countries. It is still up to the organization to decide on this matter.

The following are some of the graduation sash colors that are often assigned to different professions:

  • Apricot for nursing
  • Brown for fine arts and architecture
  • Citron for social work
  • Copper for economics
  • Crimson for journalism
  • Dark blue of political science and philosophy
  • Drab for business, accountancy, and commerce
  • Golden yellow for science
  • Grays for husbandry and veterinary science
  • Green for medicine
  • Lemon yellow for library science
  • Light blue for education
  • Lilac for dentistry
  • Maize for agriculture
  • Olive green for pharmacy
  • Orange for engineering
  • Peacock blue or foreign service and public administration
  • Pink for music
  • Purple for law
  • Russet for sustainability, environmental studies, and forestry
  • Sage green for physical education
  • Salmon pink for public health
  • Scarlet for divinity and theology
  • Silver gray for speech (oratory)
  • White for humanities, arts, and letters

Academic stoles are also used for commencement exercises to help inform other people of the varying honors and awards bestowed upon the graduate.

Numerous organizations have already released guides on appropriate academic attires. For these attires, these people advise that gold cords should be worn with the sash to help emphasize the achievements of the student concerned. Blue cords are worn along with the stoles to indicate election of the student to honor societies. Depending on the distinction garnered, students should wear stole colors that match the color of the cord.

These are just some of the most common representation of colors that are applicable to the graduation sash. Given these premises, you should still keep in mind that the representation of shades in the graduation stoles can vary, depending on the type of learning institution that you attended.