In a world where email and online communication are prevalent, powerful written contents make the difference. Struggling on what particular content to post in blogs? Don’t worry because other writers feel the same way too.

Are there any tools that could contribute to having the best written work apart from spelling and grammar checker? The answer is yes but it will all start from incorporating helpful and specific tips to make article writing better.

For the article writer, following these is important:

1. Start writing by telling a story.

Article writerThis is one way of establishing one’s written work. A good example would be starting the article with a tale to illustrate the point and to show the readers what it is all about. From there, develop a particular scene and situation where people could agree and relate with what’s happening in the story.

2. Ever wonder why stories are effective article builders?

It’s because people can relate to them most of the time. Whether it’s based from an experience or just pure observations, people will always agree with the facts that were used to point out something. Another thing is that, they can capture the readers’ attention. To top it all, stories are memorable same as photographs. No matter how stories are being told over and over again, people still don’t bother listening to them. No wonder why great writers of today draw more readers in. By adding details, specifics and color to the story, fictional and non-fictional stories always become a hit.

3. Begin with a question.

Apart from stories, another way of establishing an article is through asking a question. Whether an article starts with a question that seeks for a terrifying or an exciting answer, the readers will always be curious about it. After all, people have different take on an issue.

And sometimes, the question in the beginning of an essay or an article doesn’t require an answer. Added thoughts are already enough to address the question.

4. Play with using 1st, 2nd and 3rd person narratives.

The First person narrative is good for readers to establish relationship with the writer. Second person narrative is perfect for creating empathies but excessive use of it can make the writer bossy. Third person narrative focuses on actions or scenes from anonymous observers within a room. If an article writer feels that the contents are good but not resonating in a way he wants, he should have to re-write it from a different perspective or point of view. That way, he could know the trick in creating snappy written works the way he want.

5. Talk it all out.

Many people believe that for an article to be written, they have to go over each word count carefully and be selective on choosing the right words. Little do they know that one secret of writing better articles is to write naturally using the most comfortable language. Sometimes, thoughts to be written were generated from having a walk in a favorite park or chatting with a pal.

6. An article writer must write about the things he know.

It’s good to write about things that are obvious to himself because an article about his personal interests could make people who also share the same interests with him relate to it.

7. Be specific in writing an article.

Abstract thinking and clichés are prevalent across all types of writing but depending on the flow of writing, they can be painful to read sometimes. The solution for this is to be incredibly specific by starting on the details of the scene up to the description of who is that person, where he is going and what happens next. Keep in mind that anecdotes are less powerful than examples.

8. After writing an essay or article, go back and remove the beginning and the ending paragraph.

Why is there a need to remove the first and last portion of the paragraph? Usually, it’s because the paragraph’s body contains the “meatiest” portions and most writers spend time on establishing long introductions as well as conclusions. Try removing these parts and shorten it for a clear and more concise message.

9. Mimic some great writers’ style of writing.

It doesn’t necessarily mean to copy or reinvent their writing styles. Just save out a great essay from an admired writer and study how they write effectively by highlighting some parts of their writing. Later on, clues and patterns to better writing all come from particular words that these writers have used.

10. Writers should write less contents and link more thoughts.

It’s better to mention examples and emphasize their points. It is okay to add further contents if they can lead to a better conclusion or outcome.

11. Write regularly. Make writing a habit.

Don’t be discouraged when a short article usually takes about 4 to 5 hours to finish on the first attempt. Consistency is the key. Once it’s in an article writer’s system, everything is now easy.

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