Buyers tend to order logo lanyards by focusing on service providers’ offered colors and labeling procedures. Clients, however, must also know the right clip types included with lanyards to obtain the best option from the service provider.

Generally, more than five clip types are available together with ID holders like the following:
Key Rings

Key rings may also refer to split rings due to its appearance. The attachment type is used mainly for key chains although several logo lanyards manufacturers add it as a free standard option with their ID holders.

Although standard and often free, this clip type is only recommended for items with hard surfaces like keys or IDs with eyelet-lined holes. The process of placing IDs on key rings and daily ID use can damage the area around the punched hole easily.

Standard Hooks

Logo LanyardsAlso marketed as J-hooks, standard hooks are longer clips composed of two parts. The main hook in this clip is shaped like the letter J. On the other hand, a shorter yet straight arm lies under the hook. Place the ID by pressing the shorter part, which will open a space between it and the J-hook part. Put the hook’s end through the ID’s hole and release the shorter arm to secure it in place. Just like key rings, standard hooks are often included as standard options and recommended IDs with grummet-lined holes.


D-clips may also come in different names, but it is referred to as d-shaped clips used for lanyards and key chains. This clip type is also longer and comes with thicker construction. A small lever-like attachment is located on the side serves as its locking mechanism. Pressing this lever opens a small space by lowering an attached short clip arm. Place the ID’s hole in this space and release the lever. The shorter arm will bounce back to close the space to secure IDs and keys in logo lanyards.

Bulldog Clips

Bulldog clips are also called alligator clips. They work just as regular clips used in fastening papers and clothes. Squeeze the parted clip part to open the clip jaw. Place the parted clip jaw on the ID slot and release to fasten the ID with the lanyard.

Vinyl Clips

A vinyl clips is the combination of bulldog clips and vinyl straps used for securing IDs. The short, flat vinyl strap goes through the ID’s horizontal slot and secured by the metallic or plastic button. The bulldog clip part will fasten the ID on clothes.

These clips follow a general design. However, several manufacturers played around by attaching the vinyl straps directly to logo lanyards, which look unique from earlier lanyard releases.

Lobster Claws

Lobster claws may also refer to oval locks and D-locks. It received its name because it looks like lobster’s claws. Its overall appearance is similar to the combination of standard hook and d-clip, but with differences in overall shape, length and fastening mechanism. Jewelries like bracelets and necklaces also have this clip type for fastening although the clip is smaller in shape.

Clip and Badge Holder Combos

This ID clip combination is a top choice for buyers because of its dual function. The clip secures IDs in place while the badge holder promotes ID card protection. The vinyl strapped is attached to the badge holder.

Logo lanyards come with numerous clip options that make each ID holder look unique. Clips may come as free standard options or with additional fees depending on their designs and offered function. Although these features are included with the lanyard, users can purchase ID clips separately in office supply stores to try different features that match specific functionalities. is a one-stop solution shop for lanyards! If you need ID lanyards, badge lanyards, logo lanyards, neck lanyards, or any other style, we can provide it.