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There's been a capias issued in that matter, and the capias provides for no bond. And the second charge that you're here on today, sir, involves a violation of probation. Tonihgt a capias was issued on that matter as well. All right, sir. Do you have any questions of the court this morning?

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There's been a capias issued in that matter, and the capias provides for no bond. And the second charge that you're here on today, sir, involves a violation of probation. And a capias was tonihgt on that matter as well.

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All right, sir. Do you have any questions of the court this morning? Good luck to you, sir. Just moments ago, John Couey making his first court appearance in Florida. And he will be held for violating the conditions of his probation as a registered sex offender. This will give prosecutors in the Lunsford case an opportunity to build the facts of their case before charging him. So, once again, John Couey, just moments ago, making his first court appearance in Florida.

Lawmakers are considering a compromise bill aimed at keeping the brain-damaged woman alive. It directs a federal court in Florida to review Schiavo's case. The House and Senate may vote on the bill as early as today. Coming up, you'll hear live from Schiavo's husband and his lawyer.

They've been fighting to allow the woman to die. We'll also bring you Schiavo's brother, who wants wwant keep his sister alive. President Bush has his pen ready as the Schiavo legislation makes its way through Congress. Hello, Dana.

And, you know, usually when Congress passes a bill and the president is away, either he waits to it until he gets back or they fly it to where he is. But this is a Spovey the White House says where they think that even a moment will make a difference in what they consider the importance of keeping Terri Schiavo alive. And so the president will head back in about two hours, leave his ranch here in Texas, go back on Air Force One to the White House, where he will essentially wait for Congress to send him a bill.

That could happen late tonight, possibly even in the middle of the night. But what the president hopes to is a Spivey that members of Congress came up with yesterday, which essentially would allow the Schiavo family to take this case out of state court and into tonight court. Now, it is important to know that there is no guarantee that a federal judge would necessarily order that this feeding tube be put back in, but certainly there is a hope among members of Waht that that could happen.

And it is also important to want that this compromise is very specific to Terri Schiavo. Republicans had hoped to make this more broad so that, perhaps, anybody in her kind of situation could have an appeal to federal court. But most Democrats said that they sex it was very tonightt that if they're going to do something so unusual in the United States Congress, that it not set a broader precedent.

So there is language that says this is just specific to the case of Terri Schiavo, Randi. Lawmakers in Washington are working today on a bill to push the issue into federal court. We want to talk about this with Terri Schiavo's husband, Michael, and then we'll turn to her brother, Bobby Schindler, for his perspective. Michael, let's begin with you. Good morning, Michael. Now the president, we understand, will be getting on a plane and heading back to the White House shortly in anticipation of ing a bill that will send this case to a federal court.

Your thoughts this morning? And I think that every American in this country should also be outraged, that this government is trampling all over a personal family matter that has been adjudicated in the courts for seven years. I think that the Congress has more important things to discuss. How about let's discuss laws in keeping pedophiles off the streets so they don't murder little girls? How about the homeless children? Health care for people? Medications for the elderly? But, no, they're wasting Congress time to talk about my wife, who has been adjudicated for seven years.

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That it's just not the place for Congress, there's no right to do this, tonught step in here, this is your wife, and it's no business of the Congress and the president? As you mentioned, it's been going on for, what, seven years now, this litigation. Is that a fair summation of what Lacies feeling? I'm outraged. And Tom DeLay should be ashamed of himself, sitting up there, making comments and bashing people.

He has one side of the case. - transcripts

He has his brother running from door tonkght door up there discussing this case, and he has no other facts. This is his cause.

He found a cause to hide behind, to lighten the load of his other problems. Presumably you want Ladie get back to that life as soon as you can.

Isn't it enough to just say, "Look, Terri, I fought the fight, I tried as best I could to live up to your wish, but I can't do it any longer"? Right now I'm taking it day by day, moment by moment, but I'm going to stay right by her side. We appreciate it. Thanks for talking to us again this morning. And, Bobby, good to see you again this morning. The president, as I just mentioned to Michael a moment ago, is moments away from getting on a plane and heading back to Washington to presumably a piece of legislation -- and he hopes to anyway -- that will send this to the federal court for review.

Your thoughts?

You toight, Terri is alive. She's not dying. She's a human being. She's not in a coma. She can be helped. It amazes me that Michael portrays himself as a loving husband when he has abandoned Terri and he's warehoused her for the last 12 years. He's provided her no rehabilitation, no therapy, despite the fact that doctors are standing by, ready to help her, believe that Ladirs can be helped, doesn't even need a feeding tube if she was just given rehabilitation.

Michael calls himself family, yet he has his own family.

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He's been with another woman now for 10 years. It's his fiancee. He has two children. And our family simply wants to bring Terri home and take care of her, and that's all we're asking. Michael, move on with your life. Just give Terri back to us. He has.

Ladiez I said, he's been with another woman since And our family simply wants to provide the rehabilitation that all these doctors are willing to give to Terri if she was just given a chance. Terri is talking right now. There are medical documents where the nurses were writing down that Terri was actually making words back in the early '90s, when she was getting rehabilitation the first year.

Since that's been denied. And she's been, as I said, abandoned by Michael and warehoused.

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Doctors believe she can be helped, and we just want to get her that help that these doctors are willing to give to her. SCHINDLER: Well, I mean, that's why we're still asking, you know, everybody watching to pick up the phone, please call Congress, call their senators, call their congressmen and congresswomen to please ask them to pass this to help save Terri. It's specific to Terri. It's similar to what convicted criminals get.

They get a federal review to make sure that the state courts acted properly. And we're just asking Congress to do the same, and we're hopeful that they will. Have you considered that this is, in fact, what Terri wanted? Terri Ladiex not dying. These wishes that appeared were seven years after Terri's incident. We don't believe these are Terri's wishes.

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We believe these are Michael's wishes. Terri has been fighting 15 years. She has an iron will to live. She hasn't given up on us, and we're certainly not going to give up on her. Bobby Schindler, we appreciate it. Thank you this morning. Here's our e-mail question this morning: Who should decide the fate of Terri Schiavo?

We are at wam cnn. The man who authorities say confessed to killing her, John Evander Couey, made his first court appearance in Florida pSivey minutes ago. He kept his head down through most of this procedure, not looking at the media and very seldom actually really even looking at circuit court Judge Stephen Spivey.