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Late night fuck sat

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Late night fuck sat

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My cousin Michael and me late night fuck Part 1 from 1. Author: sexyjesse01 So i had just gotten back home from going to the store with some friends to pick up some stuff since today was my payday i decided i would splurge a little bit on myself.

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My cousin Michael and me late night fuck Part 1 from 1.

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Author: sexyjesse01 So i had just gotten back home from going to the store with some friends to pick up Lzte stuff since today was my payday i decided i would splurge a little bit on myself. So i had just set my stuff down in my room and i decided to take a shower to finish off a great day so i grabbed my towel and headed to the bathroom.

After my shower i popped in one of the new movies that i bought earlier and laid on my bed and starting watching it. About half way through the movie my phone started ringing so i paused the movie and answered it. It was my cousin Michael. Since your there all by yourself you must be looking for something to do. And im sure that you have been missing my nice hard throbbing cock.

Late night fuck

How am i going to get to you? Plus i have school in the morning. Then i thought for a Lats minutes trying to think of anyone who would be able to take me down to my cousins place and be able to bring me back home afterwards. Then i remembered my one friend who lived close by me was going to be going down my cousin's way in a few minutes to meet up with a friend that he knew down there. I knew that he would be willing to give me a ride back and forth.

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I know someone who will give me a ride. Shortly after that me and my friend were on our way down towards my cousin's place.

I told my friend that i would come over to the place where he was going to be when i was finished at my cousin's. My cousins house was a double wide with a big porch around it.

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I walked up to the door and knocked and my cousin opened the door in nothing but a pair of black shorts and nothing else. His ripped abs got me so hard just by staring at them.

I walked in and my cousin told me to follow him to his room where he locked the door and then pulled me close to him and then he started to rub my crouch. I bite my lip and stared at him and he gave grin.

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I took off clothes niyht at the same time i watched my cousin. He was still grinning at me the whole time that i was stripping. But when i was about to take off my socks he stops me and then forces me onto my knees where he then lets his shorts drop to the floor letting his hot throbbing seven inch cock and balls flop out.

Just the sight of it made me want to swallow it. I licked my lips and without saying anything i started deep throating his hot cock.

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His cock felt so good in my mouth i just kept sucking it faster pushing it deeper down my throat to where my face was tuck in his trimmed pubes. Mike was moaning the whole time and he held my head down on his cock now and then. After a dew minutes he pulled his cock out of my mouth and went and sat down on his bed with his legs spread open.

I did what he said but this time i sucked on his balls and that niyht him to go insane. I knew my cousin loved having his balls sucked and tugged on, he told me once before that it felt so good to him when someone played with his balls.

I sucked on them as if they were gum balls and it sent my cousin into pure ecstasy. Moments after that he pulls me onto his bed and pins my arms above my head and my legs apart.

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The next thing i knew was my cousin was sucking me off making me moan loudly. His warm wet mouth just sliding up and down my cock and he was using one hand to tug and twist my balls a little. Then he pushes my legs over my shoulders and starts rimming me. He looked up at me with a wicked grin and kept eating my ass until it was coated with his spit.

Then he leans up and without warning he rams his rock hard bare cock into my ass making me scream out from the sudden pain. He put his hand over my mouth and told me to shut up. After a few minutes his hard rough thrusts felt like heaven to me. God his cock felt so good i was moaning like a little slut begging for more and more. My cousin just pounded me harder and deeper with every moan i let out and soon we were both covered in sweat but that just sar my cousin fuck me harder and faster.

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He kept calling me his bitch or his little slut. And at that moment i didnt care what he called me i just wanted him to fuck my 18 year old ass more and more. My cousin fucked me for two whole hours in so many positions.

Then when he had me in doggy style bent over his bed he started moaning really loudly as if he was going to cum. So i pulled off of his cock and torn nught the condom and started sucking his cock as if there was no tomorrow.

Late night house party

Then he release 9 gloriously huge lo of his hot cum in my mouth. There was so much cum that some of it spilled out of Lwte mouth but i swallowed every single drop of it. God it tasted so fucking good. After that i got dressed and went to the place where my friend was and then home where i had to take another shower. Then i went to bed dreaming about more hot times that were to come. But that's another story.