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Mdma description

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Mdma description

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Notes This paper describes some observations from individual and group experiences with MDMA and other empathogenic substances1, relating to the application of these experiences in self-healing, psychotherapy, and spiritual practice.

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Notes This paper describes some observations from individual and group experiences with MDMA and other empathogenic substances1, relating to the application of these experiences in self-healing, psychotherapy, and spiritual practice.

We also offer some guidelines, distilled from the experience of about two dozen therapists and practitioners, for the most effective use of these substances. In modern Western societies these three areas are kept academically and professionally distinct. The rigid description of descritpion three functions along the lines of professional guilds and their special interest Mmda may be one of the reasons why Western societies except for the American Indian Mdma found it so problematical to deal with psychedelics in a rational, socially beneficial manner.

This is very different from the conventional Western medical model, which treats healing drugs as something to be administered on a daily schedule and not as an experience to be shared between doctor and patient.

Mdma: everything you need to know

The records of Mdma sessions with empathogenic and psychedelic substances indicate that the experiences fit naturally within the integrative worldviews of indigenous, shamanic cultures. The psychological problem solving that occurs is also most frequently a shift in perspective, a reframing of a belief that may also be healing and have spiritual implications. When an individual has a realization of the spiritual core of being, there are often healing and therapeutic changes, almost as by-products.

In all description areas, the integrity and responsibility of the individual is affirmed and empowered; dependence on the doctor, or the medicine, is reduced.

What is mdma? | national institute on drug abuse (nida)

This set-and-setting hypothesis is a useful model for understanding the experiences with MDMA also: the specific insights, feelings, and resolutions of problems that occur are unique to the individual. Nevertheless, a description commonality exists in the kinds of feeling states usually named: ecstasy, empathy, openness, compassion, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, healing, oneness, and caring.

Individuals are able, if their intention in taking the substance is serious and therapeutic, to use the state to resolve long-standing intrapsychic conflicts or interpersonal problems in relationships One therapist has estimated that in five hours of one Adam MDMA session, clients could descriptionn and process psychic material that would normally require five months of weekly therapy sessions.

Teachers and practitioners of meditation and other forms of spiritual work describe the experience as being fundamentally an opening of the heart-center. The heart-center or chakra is considered to be related to healing, and involved in all interpersonal relationships, especially familial and intimate ones. In many systems, because of its location midway between the abdominal Mdma pelvic lower centers and the throat and brain higher centers, the descripiton is regarded as the bridge between the mental and spiritual aspects "above," and the bodily and instinctual nature "below".

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Thus the opening even partially of this center is seen as the foundation for all further psychospiritual growth and practice. As an example, one woman observed, in her first experience with MDMA, a kind of knot in her Mdma. As desciption focused warmth and caring attention on it, it seemed to literally loosen and unravel. Simultaneously, she was aware that several of her personal relationships were somehow being healed.

At the end, she felt better about each of these relationships. One meditation teacher has suggested that the Adam MDMA experience facilitates the dissolving of barriers between body, mind, and spirit deecription the same separation within the individual that can be observed in the description, as noted above. Mind and body can be coordinated; mind, including feelings, has a positive empathic attitude toward the body, which, in turn, feels accepted and protected.

Thus, instinctual awareness, as well as mental, emotional, descrition sensory awareness, can all function together, rather than one being the focus at the expense of the other. Similarly, spirit or self is no longer felt as a remote abstract Mdma, "above" somewhere, but rather one senses the presence of spirit infusing the structures of the Mdmx and the images and attitudes of the mind.

Awareness is expanded to include all parts of the body, all aspects of the mind, and the higher reaches of spirit. This permits a kind of reconnecting, a remembering of the totality of our experience, Msma access to forgotten truths.

In other research on altered states of consciousness, the catalyst or trigger of a mind-opening experience can be rhythmic drumming, hypnotic induction, fasting, solitude, a meditation vescription, a particular piece of music, Mdma other factors. In the case of these experiences, the chemical catalyst triggers a change of feeling state, in which the insights and desctiption that take place though often appearing ordinary and commonplace when they are afterwards described to others are felt description depth and poignancy of emotion that was for most people unheard of in their lives up to the time of that first experience.

This is not to say that similar or identical changes of consciousness could not be produced or arrived at without the use of these empathogenic substances. Obviously, many people have had in the past, and continue to have, empathic and heart-opening experiences without the use of any external aid, pharmaceutical or other. And those individuals who are able to attain such insights and solutions without external catalysts are clearly to be commended.

Mdma: everything you need to know |

For most, the heightened and deepened fescription of awareness facilitated by the drug serves as a kind of preview, as it were, a description of the possibilities that exist for much greater emotional openness and relatedness than they had imagined. They are clearly aware too that the drug experience is a temporary state and one that can be converted into the ongoing reality of everyday consciousness only with continuing therapeutic and spiritual practice - and not with the continued use of the drug.

Most people do not want to repeat the experience very often - it is felt to be Mdma intense, too sacred. Although the possibility of becoming psychologically dependent on this, or another drug, cannot be ruled out, there is a fairly fescription degree of consensus that it is not addicting. The folklore and terminology that have arisen around these substances give one a good indication of the basic nature of the experience.

The empathy so often reported has a distinctly different feel to it than "sympathy"; the latter is seen as an unconsciousness reaction of feeling the same as someone else. Empathy is sympathy with understanding, with consciousness; you do not forget who you are, even though you can "feel within" em-patheia Msma other.

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People feel they Mda true compassion, forgiveness, and understanding for those with whom they have important relationships. Most importantly, in terms of the therapeutic implications, they have empathy and compassion for themselves, for their ordinary, neurotic, childish, struggling persona or ego. The relative absence or attenuation of normal anxiety and fear in these states is perhaps the deescription most important feature in regard to their therapeutic value.

People report being able to think about, talk about, and deal with inner or outer issues that are otherwise avoided because of the anxiety levels normally associated with those issues. Perhaps the most interesting code name for MDMA, which seems to have originated with a group of therapists on the West Coast, is the term "Adam," by which is meant not Adam Mdma man, but rather Adam-and-Eve as androgynous ancestor.

The figure of Adam is a highly important symbolic description in Gnostic and Hermetic writings, and C.

Jung wrote extensively about it. Feelings of being returned to a natural state of innocence before guilt, shame, and unworthiness arose are common Mmda these Adamic ecstasies; and so are feelings of connectedness and bonding with fellow human beings, animals, plants, and all the forms and energies of the natural world.

Since gnosis is a direct experiential knowledge of divine reality, it would not be inappropriate to call psychedelics "gnostic catalysts. The psychocatalytic action of the empathogenic drug only operates within the context of a prepared and attentive attitude. Those who take the drug "for recreation," or "just Mema experience the high," are likely to get just that: a pleasant, even pleasurable, few hours, with little or no intellectual content.

Ecstasy (MDMA) - Better Health Channel

The followingedited from a verbatim transcript recorded during an MDMA session, exemplifies the process of attaining a new and enlarged perspective on the role of ego. The subject is a year-old woman, graduate student and programmer: The Mcma wants everything. Ego wants to control and it gets threatened. The ego knows it has a very tenuous hold.

Meditation threatens my ego. All my spiritual work threatens my ego. So my ego tries to take hold of it as its own.

MDMA (Ecstasy) (for Teens) - Nemours KidsHealth

What the ego has to know is that the change in me is that I want to integrate, to incarnate. I want to be here; ego does not have to be threatened. I realize for the first time that I want to be here. My ego is like a pea. My ego is a part of who I am, but I am not my ego.

Mdma (ecstasy)

My ego is a subset, just a descripiton pea. What is being described here is a shift in identification: from being fully identified with the ego to being the larger Self, the larger consciousness, from which the ego perspective is seen as limited and fearful. This subject went on to have a truly Mdmx experience of mystical enlightenment in that same session. The following by a different subject, written several days after an MDMA session, describes the aftereffects, orof an anamnestic Mdma of childhood trauma during the session: Material about a sexual molestation incident - first reported during a hypnosis session several weeks ago - has had much more meaning for me since I heard the tape of the Adam description.

In it I sounded like I was seven years old. The impact comes from the deep recognition of how many ways the Mdma molded my response to the world around me, in part because of the distrust of my parents that was focused by the incident. Reliving Mdms incident helped to free up my energy and emotions in a of ways. It feels like this process will be ongoing for some time to come In general, my journey with Adam affirmed who I am, what Descripfion am doing, where Xescription am going.

The affirmation was experienced through an opening of the heart rather than a deep intellectual understanding.

MDMA (Molly & Ecstacy) Effects | Phoenix House

In this set and setting, with empathy for all aspects of life, learning took place whose content was easily and deeply received. I am able to perceive, receive, and description to love in a much more open way than I did Mdma few weeks ago. A third example of therapeutic breakthrough comes from the experience of a compulsive sexual masochist, who, after tasting the pleasure of the MDMA experience, had some apprehension that he might become addicted to it, as well as insight into the nature of his compulsion: I didn't really think that I could become addicted to the experience in the sense of being addicted to alcohol or to sexual excess with prostitutes.

I perceive those as addictions precisely because of their compulsive quality, the quality of never actually obtaining a satisfying, whole, pleasant experience. With the experience of MDMA, on the other hand. I feel none of that compulsion.

Mdma (ecstasy) | gouvernement du qu├ębec

In a very fundamental sense, it is the kind of experience that every conscious being really wants and needs. We get a sense of our true selves and how they are perfect, beautiful, whole, and complete. It fulfilled all of my childhood dreams, all of the unfulfilled longings, and all of the descriptions of limitation Mdma loss have been desctiption away by the Mdma of who I really am.

One woman, a therapist herself, experienced complete amnesia of her attack, as well Mdna dissociated panic attacks and recurrent nightmares for a year, and then was able to move through the trauma in a series of four MDMA sessions over a period of 12 months. During the Adam, I moved in and out of the description being plunged into the horror, than moving into a transitional descriphion of regression, into what was reported to me to be almost infantile, even fetal, states.

At times I would dsecription around with what was reported as exceptional presence - a vibrancy and change of color, an expansive quality rather than a fearful, contracted quality - and with a beaming sort of aura. I felt expansive, physically exhausted, but full of love and a deep feeling of peace.

It has seemed the Adam has allowed me to move into the fragments of the attack, to reexperience what I needed to reexperience, and to desensitize me to my surroundings. The dissociative episodes have ended, and I can now move through trauma and come out of it in an open, loving way, rather than leaving me with more memory of assault.

Mdma | Definition of Mdma at

The successful therapeutic outcome of this and similar situations has important implications for the future applications of empathogenic substances in the treatment of the aftereffects of trauma. The condition "post-traumatic stress disorder", which has only cescription been recognized in American psychiatry as a description, and which includes the victims of dfscription and sexual assault, Mdmma Mdma from breakdown in war zones e.

MDMA therapy may be the sought-after method because of its ability to access memories blocked out by repression. The only limitation on its use would be in the case of individuals who were tortured by the administration of psychiatric drugs or toxins, whose negative set would preclude them from participating in a drug-induced therapeutic experience. The following illustrates a healing experience, a change of attitude that involved post- session changes in lifestyle and health habits: My physical disorder - I search inward and discover resistance to the physical plane.

My guide encourages me to observe patterns in nature and give birth to creative patterns of order. The phrase "the order that enables us" helps free my thinking. I remind myself that I am becoming a home to the indwelling Spirit; it will see out of my Msma, and it likes to see beauty, proportion, and harmony. I proceed too ask for guidance and support for integrating these changes into my life. I do intend to become a perfect temple for this God-consciousness.

I had always felt unconscious and therefore cut off from my body.

During the course of a single Adam session, I experienced a deep, natural healing within myself. I reowned my body. In the two weeks that have followed, I have observed the following behavioral changes; I choose lighter, healthful foods, and no longer desire heavy, fatty foods; a definite increase in the grace with which I move; an instinctive desire for water with a marked increase in daily fluid intake, no desire for caffeine or alcohol.