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If girls did not socialise with boys at school, "what happens when they go out into the jn Single-sex schools were a "deeply unrealistic world", said Mr Cairns, writing in a magazine. But the Girls' Schools Association described his views as "old fashioned". Writing in Independent School ParentMr Cairns complained too many parents were "swayed by outdated notions about girls performing better in single-sex schools". Supporters of girls-only schools often argue pupils achieve better grades and are more likely jn take subjects that are often male-dominated, such as maths. He said every year dozens of his female pupils achieved top grades in male-dominated subjects such as physics and went on to study sciences and maths at Oxford or Cambridge.

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The incident took place outside the school gates. And they know Privatte they will have won if we do the same. Writing to about parents in a Christmas newsletterMr Cairns reminded them of the terrorist attacks in Paris last month when people were killed.

I found their concern and their desire to do something — anything — profoundly moving. I was proud of them.

Not one e-mail did I receive. Young Muslims in Brighton and elsewhere — including a traumatised young girl in the Third Form — have found fingers pointed at them and abuse hurled at them.

And bystanders are just that. Standing by. And they know that they will have won if we do the same, for the moment a society begins to think that there are others in society who are of less value, perhaps less human, is the moment when a society begins to fracture and crumble.

We must not let the terrorists do that to us. Her only crime was being Muslim. We work hard at school to explain to the children that the moment we begin to believe that one Privat being is worth less than another, that is when societies fracture and fall to pieces.