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Sissy boy slaves

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Sissy boy slaves

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Synopsis: A petite, gorgeous year-old blonde American gets lured into working for an escorting agency in Dubai. Once there, she is quickly sold into slavery and forced to serve and pleasure her owner in the most terrible of ways.

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Synopsis: A petite, gorgeous year-old blonde American gets lured into working for an escorting agency in Dubai. Once there, she is quickly sold into slavery and forced to serve and pleasure her owner in the most sllaves of ways.

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Comment: Synopsis: Man gets turned into Mommies naughty girl when he does something to Mommies panties he is not supposed to and gets caught. Comment: Synopsis: One of an ongoing series of tales of poor david, slave to the merciless Natalie, and her lover, Gareth. If bisex does not appeal, do not read on! Comment: Synopsis: A young man decides to live his fantasy and become the sex slave of a dominate couple.

He starts by learning to serve them before being initiated into group sex and much more. Comment: Synopsis: Suffering from being fired and not being able to attain a job, our victim applies for a job at an Adult store.

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The agreement soon turns takes a turn for the worst. Comment: Synopsis: Accepting a stranger's ride in the middle of the night was the last mistake Liam would ever make Comment: Synopsis: She just wanted to help her friend to pay off the debt.

But she didn't expect to become a plaything of the men and dogs. Comment: Synopsis: A cuckold sissy husband is sent to work and serve at a Femdom Club by his dominant wife and her live in lover. Comment: Synopsis: future New Africa story where orphan white boys are forced to choose citizenship paths as either servants or livestock.

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Transgender, breast milk, interracial dominance, gay Comment: Synopsis: A continuation of the Slave college series, where students who don't measure up, end up becoming human pets. Comment: Synopsis: John gets caught by his aunt and Siasy into a sissy slave. And everybody seems to want to dominate the new slavegirl. Comment: Permanent Stay in Mastersville : by 2nn Synopsis: Tom enters the town of Mastersville where he is promptly caught and enslaved.

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A cruel Mistress turns him into a completely submissive sissy slave, shares him with the whole town before finally selling him to a master with rather drastic ideas about how sissy-slaves should look and behave. Comment: Synopsis: A boy is kidnapped, tormented, and humiliated as he is forced to spend the rest of his life as a sissy girl slave for an older man.

Comment: Daddies Princess Pie : by gorgeous Synopsis: Jordan is a young teenage boy who is the property of daddy. He is a slages sissy girl who's aim is to act like the perfect little housewife for her master. Daddy is kind but dont be decieved by his loving charm, if Jrdan is a naughty little girl daddy will show her punishment. Comment: Synopsis: male sissyfied and in public humiliated and punished.

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Comment: Synopsis: Slavess man enslaves another man into a baby slave to live along with his other male bizarre slaves in his personal fetish kingdom. Comment: Synopsis: A sissy maid gets teased and humiliated.

Comment: Synopsis: Amanda and her friend Christina catch Justin and turn him into a pig in the most brutal manner imaginable. Comment: Synopsis: Male blackmailed and totally enslaved by wife and friends,NC, forced feminization, punishment, piercings et. Comment: Synopsis: A day in the life of a sissy slave, where her transformation is continued by a wonderful Mistress.

Sissy Slave

Comment: Synopsis: A young man gets turned into a bitch boi by a brutal man and from there he becomes ever more the fenminized object Comment: Synopsis: A detailed description of my transformation at the hands of a femme dom. Comment: Lindsey Blossoms : by Caine.

Paine Synopsis: Lindsey, a spoiled year-old sexual deviant, accepts her father's offer to his global human trafficking enterprise. Her first goal, however, is to exact sweet revenge on a few classmates by having them kidnapped and trained to serve her as unwilling slaves. Everything is going great until she is betrayed slavee Jake.

Her revenge soon becomes her obsession as she enjoys transforming Jake into her personal sissy slut. Comment: Synopsis: A vacation to Japan takes a turn for the worse when a tourist meets a female martial artist who loves to torture, rape, and enslave men.

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If Part 1 is well recieved I'll continue the story. Comment: Synopsis: Tom, an obnoxious TV sex show host, investigates a rumour that an interactive SM website is non-consensual and involves women who have been abducted and forced to perform. Tom soon regrets Sizsy actions. Comment: Synopsis: A submissive crossdresser finds one to serve and gets more than he bargained for.

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Comment: Synopsis: A boy is kidnapped to awaken in a secluded compound and eventually trained as a slave for multiple uses Comment: Synopsis: A young man's fantasy becomes a horrifying nightmare when he bou to be his Mistress' slave for the summer. Comment: Synopsis: A story different from my usual. Comment: Synopsis: A sadistic lesbian seizes the opportunity to turn a friendly coworker into her helpless slave.

Comment: Synopsis: Jack thought Dawn was going to let him get away with being with other women. Comment: Synopsis: Slaevs mother and her two daughters play with their helpless toys in their frightening nursery toy room.

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Play nicely! Comment: Synopsis: A young redhead gets tutoring and then some from a female friend. Comment: Synopsis: A man is kidnapped and forced into a life as a dogslave, leading to further degradation. Comment: Xlaves Dennis is turned into a sissy-slave by his twin sisters before being sent off to meet a truly evil "educator". Comment: Synopsis: story of how a bitch boi is subjugated completely and utterly by a brutal and evil man Comment: Synopsis: Mike goes online for large black hook up gets more than he bargained for.

Comment: Synopsis: Straight guy looks to fulfill a long held fantasy and finds more than he expected. Comment: Synopsis: A young banker is captured a brutal older construction worker.

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He is dominated and modified beyond his wildest nightmares until his Daddy tires of him Comment: Synopsis: So how far can a bit of harmless fooling around in a club go? Comment: Synopsis: Girl is kidnapped to be puppy trained.

She is to be the fuck slut for her owner's other dog. Comment: Synopsis: Janet is kidnapped by a cruel and deranged man who lets his animals use her. A drug he gives her soon has her begging for the stimulation.

Comment: Synopsis: I see a cute straight dude at the gym and decide to turn him into my fuck toy. Comment: Literary slave : by bootlicker Synopsis: A reclusive writer is captured, tortured, and turned into a willing slave to do the bidding Siasy a would be Master. He is caught and trained by a father and his sadistic hillbilly son who are being paid to complete the author's training