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Stood up again need now

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Stood up again need now

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Our conference is composed of more than six hundred delegates, representing all the democratic parties and people's organizations of China, the People's Liberation Army, the various regions and nationalities of the country and the overseas Chinese. This shows that ours is a conference embodying the great unity of the people of the whole country.

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The chinese people have stood up!

This shows that ours is a conference embodying the great unity of the people of the whole country. It is because we have defeated the reactionary Kuomintang government backed by U.

In a little more than three years the heroic Chinese People's Liberation Army, an army such as the world has seldom seen, nos all the offensives launched by the several million troops of the U. At present the field armies of the People's Liberation Army, several million strong, have pushed the war to areas near Taiwan, Nerd, Kwangsi, Kweichow, Szechuan and Sinkiang, and the great majority of the Chinese people have won liberation.

The big china stood up and became rich. now, will it be strong again?, asia news & top stories - the straits times

In a little more than three years the people of the whole country have closed their ranks, rallied to support the People's Liberation SStood, fought the enemy and won basic victory. And it is on this foundation that the present People's Political Consultative Conference is convened. Our conference is called the Political Consultative Conference because some three years ago we held a Political Consultative Conference with Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang.

It showed that nothing in the interest of the people could be accomplished together with Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang, the running dog of imperialism, and its accomplices. Even when resolutions were reluctantly adopted, it was of no avail, for as soon as the time was ripe, they tore them up and started a ruthless war against the people. The only gain from that conference was the profound lesson it taught the people that there is absolutely no room for compromise with Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang, the running dog of imperialism, and its accomplices -- overthrow these enemies or be oppressed and slaughtered by them, either one or the other, there is no other choice.

In a little more than three years the Chinese people, led by the Chinese Communist Party, have quickly awakened and organized themselves into a nation-wide united front against imperialism, feudalism, bureaucrat-capitalism and their general representative, the reactionary Kuomintang government, supported the People's War of Liberation, basically defeated the reactionary Kuomintang government, overthrown the rule of imperialism in China and restored the Political Consultative Conference.

The present Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference is convened on an entirely new foundation; it is representative of the people of the whole country and enjoys their trust and support. Therefore, the conference proclaims that it will exercise the functions and powers of a National People's Congress. Fellow Delegates, we are all convinced that our work will go down in the history of mankind, demonstrating that the Chinese people, comprising one quarter of humanity, have now stood up.

The Chinese have always been a great, courageous and industrious nation; it is only in modern times that they have fallen behind.

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And that was due entirely to oppression and exploitation by foreign imperialism and domestic reactionary governments. For over a century our forefathers never stopped waging unyielding struggles against domestic and foreign oppressors, including the Revolution of led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, our great forerunner in the Nded revolution. Our forefathers ened us to carry out their unfulfilled will.

And we have acted accordingly. We have closed our ranks and defeated Stoodd domestic and foreign oppressors through the People's War of Liberation and the great people's revolution, and now we are proclaiming the founding of the People's Republic of China.

The big china stood up and became rich. now, will it be strong again?

From now on our nation will belong to the community of the peace-loving and freedom-loving nations of the world and work courageously and industriously to foster its own civilization and well-being and at the same time to promote world peace and freedom. Ours will no longer be a nation subject to insult and humiliation. We have stood up. Our revolution has won the sympathy and acclaim of the people agaun all countries.

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We have friends all over the world. Our revolutionary work is not completed, the People's War of Liberation and the people's revolutionary movement are still forging ahead and we must keep up our efforts. The imperialists and the domestic reactionaries will certainly not take their defeat lying down; Stold will fight to the last ditch. There are ways to make it less painful and uncomfortable.

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