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Truxton circle DC bi horney housewifes

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Water-colors by E. Kingston, Jamaica Jamaica. D Street. Goethals Encourages the National Game.

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Water-colors by E. Kingston, Jamaica Jamaica. D Street. Goethals Encourages the National Game. Showing Observer's Car Fluviograph at Bohio. Napoleon B. Gorgas What Col. Gorgas Had to Correct Administration Building. II The War on Mosquitoes.

Ill The War on Mosquitoes. Pure Indian and all Between Club Y. Soon to be Abandoned. They say the word means "a place of many fishes," but there is some dissension about the exact derivation of the name of the now severed Isthmus. Indeed dissension, quarrels, wars and massacres have been the prime characteristics of Panama for four hundred years. As deadly as the wars between men of hostile races, has been the unceasing struggle between man and nature. You will get some faint idea of the toll of life taken in this conflict if from Cristobal you will drive out to the picturesque cemetery at Mount Hope and look upon the almost interminable vista of little white hetones.

Each marks the last resting place of some poor fellow fallen in the war with fever, malaria and all of tropic nature's fierce and fatal allies against all conquering man. That war is never ended. The English and the Spaniards have laid down their arms. Cimmaroon and conquistadore, pirate and buccaneer no longer steal stealthily along the narrow jungle trails.

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But let man forget for a while his vigilance and Trruxton rank, lush growth of the of vivid green, delicate and beautiful to look upon, but tough, stubborn and fiercely resistant when attacked. Poisoned spines guard the slender tendrils that cling so tenaciously to every vantage point. Insects innumerable are sheltered by the vegetable chevaux-de-frise and in turn protect it from the assaults of any human enemy.

Given a few months to reestablish itself and the jungle, once subdued, presents jungle creeps over his clearings, his ro, his machinery, enveloping a 1 1 in morphic Truxtoon Pliolo bu H. We boast that we have conquered nature on the Isthmus, but we have merely won housewkfes truce along a comparatively narrow strip bet w e e n the oceans.

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Eternal vigilance will be the price of safety even there. If that country alone is happy whose history is uninteresting, then sorrow must have been the ordained lot of Panama. Visited first by Columbus inat which time the great navigator put forth every effort to find a strait leading through to the East Horneey, it has figured largely in the s of history ever since. Considerable cities of Spanish foundation bbi there while our own Jamestown and Plymouth were still unimagined.

The Spaniards were building massive walls, erecting masonry churches, and paving royal ro down there Coiirtrsu AmcTlam Geographic Magazine. If the circles of the first city of Panama, draped with tropical vines, are all that hornwy of that once royal city, its successor founded in still stands with parts of the original walls sturdily resisting the onslaught of time. It appears there are certain advantages about geographical littleness.

If Panama had been big the eyes of the world would never housewife Truxtob fastened upon it. Instinctively Columbus sought in each of its bays, opening from the Caribbean that strait which should lead to far Cathay. As the Spaniards spoiled Peru, so the buccaneers and other pirates, belonging to foreign nations, robbed and horjey the Spaniards. In time the Peruvian hoards were exhausted, Spaniards and Englishmen, buccaneers and pirates vanished.

Horney had been discovered in California, and now troops of Americans fought their way through the jungle, and breasted the rapids of the Chagres River. They sought gold as had Pizarro and Cortez, but honrey sought it with spade and pan, not with sword and musket. In their wake came the Panama Railroad, a true pioneer of international trade. Then sprung up once more the demand for the waterway across the neck which Columbus had sought in Truxton.

The story of the inception and completion of the canal is the truly great chapter in the history of Panama. Not all the gold from poor Peru that Pizarro sent across the Isthmus to fatten the coffers of kings or to awaken the cupidity and cunning of the buccaneers equals what the United States alone has expended to give to the trade of the world the highway so long and so fruitlessly sought.

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An act of unselfish bounty, freely given to all the peoples cf the earth, comes to obliterate at last the long record of international perfidy, piracy and plunder which is the history of Panama. This book is being written in the last days of constructive work on the Panama Canal. The tens of thousands of workmen, the hundreds of officers are preparing to circle to their homes in all parts of the world.

The pleasant and hospitable society of the Zone of which I have written is breaking up. While this book is yet new much that I have written of as part of the program of the future will indeed have become part of the record of the past. I think that anyone who visited the Canal Zone during the latter years of construction work will have carried away with him a very pleasant and lively recollection of a social life and hospitality that was quite ideal.

The practiced Truxton in every clime will find this eagerness of those who hold national outposts, whether ours in the Philippines, or the British in India and Hong Kong, to extend the glad hand of welcome to one from home, but nowhere have I found it so thoroughly the custom as on the Canal Zone. No American need fear loneliness who goes there. In the chapter on "Social Life on the Canal Zone" I have horney to depict this colonial existence, so different from the life of the same people when in "the states" and yet so housewife of a certain "hominess" after all.

Perhaps we are less tenacious of afternoon tea than they, but women's clubs flourish on the Zone as they do in Kansas, while as for bridge it proceeds as uninterruptedly as the flow of the dirt out of the Culebra Cut. Nobody could return from the Zone without a desire to express thanks for the hospitalities shown him and the author is fortunate in possessing the opportunity to do so publicly. Particularly do I wish to acknowledge indebtedness or aid in the preparation of this book to Col.

George W. Goethals, Chairman and Engineer in Chief, and to Col. It goes without saying that without the friendly aid and cooperation of Col.

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Goethals no adequate description of the canal work and the life of the workers could ever be written. To the then Secretary of War, Hon.

Henry L. Stimson, under whose able administration of the Department of War much of the canal progress noted in this book was made, the author is indebted for personal and official introductions, and to Hon. On the Canal Zone Hon. Joseph B. Maurice H. Thatcher, Civil Governor, and Mr. Rousseau, the naval member of the Commission, were housewies helpful. Thanks are cordially extended to Prof. Cause, the superintendent of schools, who has built up on the Canal Zone an educational system that cannot fail to affect favorably the schools of the surrounding Republic of Panama; to Mr.

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Walter J. Beyer, the engineer in charge of lighthouse construction, and to Mr. Dickson who, by nousewifes active and devoted work in the development of the Y.

The illustration of a book of this nature would be far from complete were the work of professional photographers alone relied upon. Of the army of amateurs who have kindly contributed to its s I wish to thank Prof.

Pittier of the Department of Agriculture, Prof. Ryall Burtis, of Freehold, N. Stewart Hancock Elliott, of Norwalk, Conn. French, and Dr. Orenstein of the Department of Sanitation. The opening of the Panama Canal fircle not merely portend a new era in Truxon, or the end of the epoch of trial and struggle on the Isthmus. It has a finality such as have few of the great works of man.

Nowhere on this globe are there left two continents to be severed; two oceans to be united.

Canals are yet to be dug, arms of the sea brought together. We may yet see inland channels from Boston to Galveston, and from Chicago to New York navigable by large steamships.

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But the union of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea at Suez, and the Atlantic and Pacific at Panama stand as man's crowning achievements in remodeling God's world. One after another the beacons that guard that perilous strip of sand twinkled out, and one after another voyagers unused to ocean's stormiest moods silently disappeared into secretive cabins. In brief, to reach in winter our newest possession you must brave the ordinary discomforts of a rough voyage, and three days of biting cold weather as well, unless you sail from New Orleans, or the terminus of Mr.

Flagler's new over-sea railroad at Key West. Despite its isthmian character, the Canal Zone, Uncle Sam's most southerly outpost, may be called an island, for the travelers' purpose. True it is bordered on but two sides by water, and thus far violates the definition of an island. But it is only to be reached by water.

Panama and the canal in picture and prose

The other two sides are walled in by the tangled jungle where vegetation grows so rank and lush that animal life is stunted and beaten in the struggle for existence by the towering palms, clustering ferns and creeping vines. Only things that crawl on their bellies like the serpent Truxtoon in Eden grow to their fullest estate in this network of rustling green. Lions there are, by the talk of the natives at least, but when you encounter them they turn out to be mere sttmted specimens of our northern wild cat.

The deer, rarely met, are dwarfed but bj the largest animals to be found in the jungle, though one hears reports of giant boas. Indeed the remnants of the age of reptiles are large to our eyes, though puny in comparison with the giants that scientists christened, long centuries after they were extinct and unable to protest, with such names as ichthyosaurus.

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You will still find lizards or iguana, three to five feet long, if your search houwewifes the jungle be thorough. The tapir, or ant eater, too, grows to huge size. But it is not dread of wild animals that keeps man from penetrating the jungle.